Understanding Depression

Most people tend to use the word “depressed” too loosely, and at the same time neglect those who really are. Depression is a feeling of extreme sadness, as if the weight of the whole world is on their shoulders. As a health condition, it is very serious. Depression affects many people worldwide and there are a myriad of reasons why.

This mood disorder is distinguished by deep sadness and hopelessness. The patient also shows a significant loss of interest in life; they are unable to carry on their normal activities. It is still unknown why this happens to dome people. While there are people who can simply shrug off whatever negativity they encounter in life, there are some who are deeply affected by them. These types of people seem to crash at any sign of difficult challenges and are unable to cope.

Stress plays a huge part in depression. Stress at work, losing a loved one, or some life-threatening events can lead to sudden plummeting of moods. This is not to say that depression only happens to people who go through such stressors, because even happy events can be a source of stress and create anxiety.

Signs of depression include eating disorders, sleep disorders, fatigue, sadness that never seems to go away, feeling empty, and recurring thoughts of suicide.

It is important to note that once a person mentions that he or she is contemplating suicide, even if said jokingly, you should take it seriously. It may be a subtle signal for help. A strong support system is what people with depression needs; be there for them. Or better yet, help them in seeking for professional help.

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