Preparing For The Future Amid Coronavirus And Natural Disasters

The Philippines, being in the Pacific Belt of Fire, is still reeling from the near eruption by one of its volcanoes, the Taal volcano. Then coronavirus struck. Are we prepared for such a harrowing scenario?

The year 2020 did not start out very well for the Philippines. Taal volcano, a beautiful tourist spot south of Manila, suddenly became active last January shutting down businesses in the area. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Service Administration set the alert level to number 3, which meant everyone within the place had to evacuate. Thankfully, after three weeks of unrest, the volcano, said to be one of the smallest in the world, quieted down. All is well with the Philippines, and life went back to normal.

Then coronavirus happened, and the whole country is left to a standstill.

It is perhaps a coincidence, or even God’s will, that these two events did not overlap because otherwise it would be too costly for the country. Costly in terms of life and resources. Yet with no end in sight for this virus that has kept the world frozen on its tracks, the possibilities of a natural disaster and coronavirus finally meeting each other is not a far-fetched idea. With the typhoon season just a few months away, is the Philippine government ready to take the necessary actions to keep its citizens safe? Or is the country now stretched too thin because of COVID-19?

In this frightening scenario, are there plans and protocols in place? Hopefully, there are. What if Taal volcano suddenly wakes up again? What would the response be amid the quarantine?

In a total lock-down such as this one and every Filipino is in isolation, an evacuation of everyone who is in danger is still the best course of action. Then a quarantine in their places of shelter would be the next best move. Each one then would have to be checked for the virus.

Response to such disasters are usually left to the able hands of the Local Government Units, or LGUs. But during a pandemic like this, the national government would have to step down in such an occurrence.

In cases like this, we cannot totally rely on the government for our survival, hence the need for “survival kits” that could last for weeks for your survival and your family’s. Your survival kit should have food, water, medicines, first-aid kit, and a flashlight, at the very least.

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