Stay Calm With Yoga

by Justina Kšenevičiūtė Guest Writer

It might sound a bit extreme, but Yoga can save your life. It can save it from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and worry. It also has tons of other benefits, but let’s leave this topic for next time. Today, I want to talk about my experience with Yoga and how it has added more stability in my life. I hope my story will spark your interest in this practice, and you will consider integrating it into your life.

I cannot say when exactly I started practicing Yoga, but once I did, I never stopped. Since my last two years of University, I began dealing with anxiety. Sometimes it would be short episodes – I would be stressed before presenting my final thesis or traveling abroad with an exchange program, and it would go away as soon as the stressful experience was over. But sometimes it would linger, and as I got older and more stressors came into my life, like career and relationships, I would feel anxious more and more often. I did not want this feeling to become a part of my life, so I started looking for solutions. One of them was Yoga.

I started practicing yoga postures, meditation, and breathing exercises, and soon it became a habit I could not live without. It was weird how my mind would calm down during these practices, I would feel more grounded and the things happening in my life would make more sense. Yoga helped me to see more meaning in everyday situations and view unpleasant events not as threats, but as lessons, that help me grow.

I do not always have time or energy to have the same intense practice every day, and I do not think you always have to. That is one of many great things about Yoga – it invites you to listen to your body and be patient with yourself.

That is the thought I want to finish with – be patient and listen to your body. Yoga might not be perfect for everyone, you might not like it at all. What I invite you to do is to try it, and see how you feel. Maybe you will find peace and relief in this practice as I did. If not, at least you will know you tried and can keep on exploring.

About the Author

Life Coach, Freelance Writer, English for Speakers of Other Languages Teacher, and Yoga teacher, Justina’s passion for helping people regardless is unparalleled. She currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

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